Dust Busters’s professional cleaners will clean your house, apartment or office to your specifications. We are the best at what we do and do not just dust and surface clean. Dust Busters scrubs, sanitizes and details your residence.

We take the time to do a complete walk-through of your home with you when we arrive to ascertain what your cleaning priorities are. When we are done we complete a spot check with you to be sure we haven’t missed anything that is important to you.
YES WE DO scrub shower tile grout, hand-scrub floors and baseboards, pull stoves and fridges and clean inside, underneath and their sides. We move furniture if required and vacuum and mop underneath, plus we also detail window and sliding door tracks if requested!

The following detailing services require more time than a general cleaning so please call for details:

Move Ins/Outs
Deep cleaning sessions – Spring cleaning
Hand scrubbing floors and window track detailing
Pull appliances and clean under/sides/behind
Clean inside cabinets/fridges/stoves – remove any items – clean and sanitize – replace items
Pull furniture from walls and clean baseboards/vacuum and mop floors underneath
Expert renovation dust cleaning
We provide the best services available and we bring our own professional cleaning products for:

stainless steel
marble and granite counters
leather, wood furniture and cabinets
hardwood, laminate, ceramic or natural stone floors
washroom fixtures and tiling
inside stoves and fridges

We provide service in Dublin and Wicklow.

For more information visit www.dustbusters.ie