Mould spores are found everywhere in Ireland outside air. The problem starts when the mould spores begin to grow inside our home or workplace. Often all that is needed is a moisture source. Mould exposure can cause minor allergic reactions to severe health issues. Mould Busters specializes in detecting, evaluating, and solving mould problems throughout Dublin, Wicklow, Meath, Wexford, Galway Limerick and Cork in residential houses and commercial buildings.

Mould inspections are performed to identify the levels of mould and fungus contamination. In Ireland mould and mildew problems are common and mould inspection is a good first step in solving the mould problem. Mould Busters inspection not only identifies the level of contamination and risks to occupants, but we will detect what is causing the mould problem and can make recommendations to prevent it from returning in the future.

Once we have completed the mould inspection, the full extent of the mould problem can be determined. Toxic Mould contamination can range from a minor clean up job with no health risks to severe contamination where occupants should leave the building until remediation has taken place. Each mould inspection may include ( if requested) a confidential written report with all our findings and recommendations to solve the mould problem.

Mould Busters

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You can also check for hidden toxic mould. Visit for DIY mould testing kits.