How do I get rid of dust mites?

How do I know I have dust mite bites?

Some symptoms you might experience if you have dust mites are…

–       Sneezing

–       Itchy and/or watery eyes

–       Nasal stuffiness

–       Runny nose

–       Stuffy ears

–       Respiratory problems

–       Eczema

–       (In a severe case) asthma.

–       Bug bites

Every home has dead skin, bedrooms especially! You are constantly shedding dead skin. This is just something your body does; you can’t change it or stop it. This is just a part of life. When you itch, it is because some dead skin starts to come off and is kind of tickling your skin. Because your bed is where you spend most of your time, you have lots of dead skin there. Dust mites have a feast and go a little nuts where there is a lot of dead skin. This is why cleaning your house and keeping it clean is so important. The cleaner your house and bedroom are, the less dead skin, less food for the dust mites, resulting in a decrease of bites.

Dust mites are more predominant in your bedroom because that is where you sleep. Which, for most people, is where they spend most of their time. This is where most of your dead skin comes off. You have covers which almost rub off your dead skin when you move. This is why you have more dead skin in your bed. Dust mites would rather be in a place where there is the most food for them. Wouldn’t you? Most of the time too you keep your room a comfy temperature for you, and that is what the dust mites like too.

What do dust mites look like?

Dust mites are very small; in most cases you cannot see them with just the naked eye. However, if you do have a superhuman eye and want to know what they look then, then here you go! A dust mite is normally less than half a millimeter long. That is a little bigger than this period. (.) Due to their size, they are able to slide right through sheets, comforters and mattress with ease. For us that would be like walking down a school hallway or open field, quite simple. For a more descriptive analysis, their bodies are oval-shaped, with fine stripes, and eight legs. The good thing is, they cannot fly! Dust mites are wingless and have to crawl everywhere. So that poor little dust mite will not be getting anywhere fast. Another positive is, they have a lifespan of about two months. Talk about life being short!

Do dust mites stay on me?

You have nothing to worry about there; dust mites do not stick to you. They simply eat the dead skin on and around you and leave. (And poop… but we don’t have to talk about that) One dust mite might hitch a little ride from this room to that room…most likely not meaning to though. They most certainly do not borrow in your skin suck your blood, or stick to you like many other bugs. The only thing they really care about is that you have dead skin; they really could care less what your blood taste likes.